Annual Meeting

CALD Annual Meeting 2024

Libraries as Centers for Student Success

April 26, 2024

Keynote Speaker: Elliot Felix is an author, speaker, teacher, father, and consultant to more than a hundred colleges and universities. He uses his background in design to make college work for all students by improving the spaces they learn and live in, the support services they rely on, and the technology they use. Over the last 20 years, he has spoken at SxSW Edu, taught courses on innovation, and worked with more than 100 universities including Carnegie Mellon, MIT, NYU, NC State, and the University of Virginia. brightspot strategy, the education consulting company he founded in 2011 was acquired by Buro Happold in 2020 and has improved the experience of more than 1,000,000 students. You can find his work in Fast Company, Forbes, and The Chronicle of Higher Education. His book How to Get the Most Out of College was published in January 2022. He lives in Minneapolis with his son Theo, daughter Nora, and wife Liz.

The Annual Meeting will be held fully online. Information on how to register will be available through the CALD Listserv. 

CALD Annual Meeting 2023

Together into the Future

April 27, 2023

Stronger, Faster, Better Together: Building a Future for Library Consortia

Keynote Speaker: Andrew Pace is Executive Director of the University System of Maryland and Affiliated Institutions Library Consortium, where he leads the group of 19 academic libraries across the state of Maryland, centrally hosting management, discovery, and resource sharing applications for millions of print, licensed, and open access resources. His team is responsible for new digital initiatives in digital asset management, OER, and new service development. The consortium serves as a hub for communities of practice, professional development, and expert convenings. Andrew held previous Executive Director positions at OCLC, where he managed cloud-based application development and later led teams focused on data science and applied research. Prior to OCLC, he was Head of Information Technology at North Carolina State University Libraries. Andrew is active in the American Library Association. He has presented at dozens of conferences and is the author of two monographs and several book chapters and articles dealing with library technology, product and project management, and community building.

The Annual Meeting was held fully online. Information on how to register is available on the CALD Listserv. 

CALD Annual Meeting 2022

Show Your Value: Promoting the Academic Library

April 27, 2022

Academic Libraries, along with academia as a whole, continues to face upheaval with the ongoing pandemic, dropping enrollments, and uncertain budgets. As we continue to move into an unsure future, the ability to promote the value of the library to students, faculty, and senior administrators takes on greater importance. How do we continue you to show the value of the academic library to our institutions?

Keynote Speaker: Lisa Hinchliffe is t he Professor/Coordinator for Information Literacy Services and Instruction in the University Library at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Lisa served as the 2010-2011 President of the Association of College and Research Libraries, which launched the Value of Academic Libraries Initiative during her presidency.Lisa has presented and published widely on information literacy, teaching and learning, the value of libraries, library assessment, program evaluation, and organizational innovation. She is an internationally sought-after speaker and has also conducted workshops and trainings on five continents.

The Annual Meeting will be held fully online. Information on how to register is available on the CALD Listserv. 

CALD Annual Meeting 2021

“When things return to normal...”: Discerning the post-pandemic future of academic libraries

June 14, 2021

Academic Libraries, along with academia as a whole, faced unprecedented challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Library staff at all levels invested time, energy, and funding to re-imagine critical services, resource access, and other functions in support of our educational missions. The large-scale deployment of vaccines and the summer months ahead have prompted many institutions to declare a return to a normal or near-normal semester in Fall 2021. As leaders, we look to the future and wonder what “returning to normal” will look like. How do we plan for the next academic year given the unprecedented change and unknown future?

The Annual Meeting was held fully online.