Article I - Name

The name of this organization shall be the Congress of Academic Library Directors of Maryland: acronym “CALD.”

Article II - Objectives

Section 1. CALD shall promote effective cooperation, communication, networking, and other activities to support the academic libraries of Maryland.

Section 2. CALD shall also promote cooperation between the academic libraries and other libraries, agencies of the State of Maryland, and other agencies. It shall monitor academic library-related legislation, promote favorable legislation, and recommend positions on library or information services legislative issues, and work with the Legislative Panel of the Maryland Library Association as needed.

Section 3. CALD shall, as occasion warrants, promote study and discussion of matters the membership may recommend.

Article III - Membership

Section 1. Membership in CALD is institutional and is open to the post-secondary education institutions and multi-campus institutions in Maryland, with the library director or equivalent role serving as the representative of the institution.

Section 2. Directors of independent branch or campus libraries as well as the central coordinator of these libraries (if there is one) at multi-campus institutions are all eligible for membership.

Section 3. Dues

A. Membership dues shall be assessed annually. The sum shall be determined by the Executive Board and approved by the membership.

B. Dues shall be billed during the fall and will be due prior to the annual meeting.

C. Eligible members that have not paid dues may receive CALD communications but may not vote in CALD elections, and will not be eligible for member rates at CALD-sponsored events

Article IV - Officers

Section 1. The officers of CALD shall be as follows:

A. President. The President shall serve a one-year term and is not eligible for immediate re-election. Every attempt will be made to rotate the office among segments representing the University System of Maryland and Affiliated Institutions (USMAI), the community colleges, and the private colleges and universities and federal institutions.

B. Vice President/President-Elect. The Vice President/President-Elect shall serve a one-year term coterminous with that of the President and shall succeed him/her.

C. Past President. The President shall become Past President after concluding their term as president, serving a one year term.

D. Secretary. The Secretary shall serve a two-year term, which should be staggered with the term of the Treasurer.

E. Treasurer. The Treasurer shall serve a two-year term, which should be staggered with the term of the Secretary.

Section 2. Nomination and Election of Officers

A. The Executive Board shall either function as a nominating committee or appoint a nominating committee consisting of a chairman and two other members to present candidates for open positions.

B. Information about the candidates shall be presented to the membership prior to the last general meeting of the year. Elections shall be coordinated by the President and conducted at the general meeting, with each institutional representative casting one vote. A proxy representative may be named by the institutional representative for voting at the general meeting. Electronic voting will be allowed as designated by the President.

C. When a vacancy occurs between elections, the Executive Board shall appoint a member to complete the term of the office vacated.

Section 3. Duties of officers shall be as follows:

A. President shall:

    1. Preside at all CALD and Executive Board meetings.

    2. Establish and distribute an agenda prior to meetings.

    3. Appoint committees as needed, as directed by the bylaws or by motion of the membership or Executive Board.

    4. Vote in case of a tie vote.

    5. Perform all other duties which may be assigned by the bylaws or rules of CALD.

B. Vice President/President-Elect shall:

    1. Succeed the President upon completion of the latter’s term.

    2. Assume temporarily the office and duties of the President in case of his/her absence or incapacity.

    3. Assume the office of President in the event of his/her resignation.

    4. Act as program chairman for CALD general meetings.

    5. Perform other duties which may be assigned by the bylaws or by the President.

C. Past President shall:

  1. Advise and support the current president.

  2. Maintain and update bylaws.

  3. Assist in program planning activities.

  4. Perform other duties which may be assigned by the bylaws or by the President

C. Secretary shall:

    1. Record and distribute minutes of CALD general and Executive Board meetings.

    2. Perform other duties that may by assigned by the bylaws or by the President.

    3. Review web site currency and forward updated information to the webmaster. Update listserv information.

D. Treasurer shall:

    1. Maintain financial records for the organization.

    2. Report periodically to the membership on the financial condition of the organization.

    3. Maintain a list of eligible voters.

Article V - Executive Board

Section 1. The Executive Board shall consist of the officers and the following:

A. Two members from the University System of Maryland and Affiliated Institutions (USMAI), three from the two-year public community colleges, two from the two-year and four-year independent colleges and universities, and one from the Federal institutions.

B. Chair of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Maryland, a division of the Maryland Library Association and the Association of College and Research Libraries, or designee (non- voting)

Section 2. The officers of CALD shall constitute the Executive Committee of the Board.

Section 3. Duties of the Executive Board

A. Recommends goals and programs for action or study to the general membership of CALD.

B. Speaks for the general membership on matters which must be acted upon between meetings of the general membership.

C. Acts as a steering committee to assist the Vice President/President-Elect to prepare the program(s) for the general meeting(s).

D. Advises the President on the appointment of persons to task forces and other CALD committees.

E. Assists the President to establish the agenda for its own and general CALD meetings and determines the dates and locations for meetings.

F. Advises the officers of CALD as may be appropriate in the performance of their various duties as outlined in Article IV, Section 3 above.

G. Advises interested organizations and government bodies of programs and activities.

Section 4. Selection of Executive Board Segmental Representatives

A. Membership:

  • Members will serve for a three-year period

  • Members will be chosen by their respective constituencies

  • Terms begin on July 1 and end June 30

  • If a member is serving as President-Elect, President, or Past President at the end of their three-year term as a member of the board, they must be reappointed by their constituency group to another three year term as a member of the board in order to finish their time in office.

B. Selection process:

  • Selection of Executive Board members shall take place within each segment in the spring of every year in which it is necessary to fill expiring terms.

  • Segmental representatives shall request nominations from their segment to fill any vacancy and shall work with their colleagues in the segments to select new representatives, and shall forward those names to the CALD President and Secretary by June 15.

C. Filling interim vacancies

    1. If the vacancy occurs after January 1, and the vacating member’s term was due to expire on June 30 of the same year, the vacancy shall be filled as if it were an ordinary selection with the term to be extended. The new selected member will serve for the remainder of the vacated term plus the following term.

    2. If the vacancy occurs before January 1 of the year in which the term would normally have expired the segmental representatives shall petition their segment in the manner outlined in Section 4, B. The entire selection process should be completed within thirty days after the vacancy becomes known to the segmental representatives.

Article VI - Meetings

Section 1. Regularly scheduled meetings. CALD shall meet at least once every year.

Section 2. Executive Board

A. Executive Board meetings shall be held in-person, by phone, or electronically every other month or more often as deemed necessary by the Executive Committee or by ten members of CALD.

B. Any member of the Executive Board who misses more than two consecutive meetings without excuse shall be replaced. The remaining segmental representatives shall be responsible for securing a new representative as outlined under Article V, Section 4 above.

Section 3. Absentee members. Rights, privileges, and responsibilities of voting members shall not be delegated.

Section 4. Quorum. A quorum of CALD and of the Executive Board shall be a simple majority of the voting members.

Article VII - Adoption and Amendments

Section 1. Bylaws shall be effective upon adoption by majority vote of the membership.

Section 2. Bylaws revision.

A. Upon petition by any fifteen CALD members or upon request by six Executive Board members, the CALD bylaws can be revised.

B. Periodic review. The bylaws shall be reviewed at least every six years. This shall be undertaken by an ad hoc committee appointed by the President.

C. Acceptance of revision. Any revision of the bylaws must be presented to the Executive Board and must be approved by a simple majority of the membership. Copies of the revised by-laws shall be:

    1. Circulated in advance to the membership.

    2. Discussed and amended as necessary at the next business meeting.

    3. Voted on as appropriate.

Rev. 9/91, 6/9/03, 10/10/07, 5/8/09, 4/8/16, 4/21/17, 9/8/20